General information:

1. Patients must follow all health and safety regulations established by the practice, including Covid-19 standards.

2. We require patients to complete a medical history form before their first visit, as you must notify us of any new addresses or phone numbers.

3. All of the data will be kept confidential and secure in line with Data Protection laws.

4. Dental Implants Abroad will greet you with the greatest politeness and warmth since we are always ready to look after you. We will not tolerate any indecent or abusive behaviour, and anybody who is becoming violent towards the staff will be asked to leave and sent away from our care.

5. For both parties' health and safety and to follow social distancing, we don't allow kids under the age of 10 in the clinic unless they receive therapy.

About your treatment:

1. Dental treatment plans are good for three months from the date of issue. If a cost increase occurs, we'll pay the original amount as long as you begin your therapy within the 3-month time frame.

2. Treatment options and expenses are subject to change if required for the success of the treatment or your dental health. If this occurs, we will inform you as soon as possible.

3. You must follow all reasonable demands of your dentist or therapist to enhance and maintain your dental health. Failing to do so may jeopardise the success of your treatment plan.

4. We only take clinical photographs as part of our diagnosis and treatment procedures. If we want to use your photos for marketing or educational purposes, we will contact you for permission.

5. Consent forms are required for each treatment. A consent form may cover every phase/visit of your treatment journey. We're good at explaining the details of the procedure and ensuring that you are aware of the risks and advantages of the treatment. We also give sufficient time to discuss or answer any concerns you might have.

6. The insurance carrier will discuss the actual insurance benefits.

About your appointments:

1. We need you to be on time for all appointments. Appointment times have been specifically assigned, so your appointment will be rescheduled if you are late.

2. Appointments must be paid for in advance or made on a prepaid basis.

3. If you cannot make your appointment with us, please give us at least 24 hours' notice. If you fail to do so, a late cancellation charge or missed fee will be imposed.

4. If you miss two appointments with us in a treatment course, we have the right to reconsider your commitment as a patient and may be compelled to release you from our care.

About finance:

1. If you'd like to know more about monthly payments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

2. Our finance agreement has a 14-day cooling-off period. If you terminate your finance agreement after this time, you will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.

3. If you or your dentist cannot complete treatment after it has been paid for, any credit may be refunded to you.

About your guarantee:

1. For a year from the date of fitting, our work is covered by the guarantee. The warranty does not cover failure caused by a lack of adequate cleaning, care, breakage due to trauma, misuse, intentional damage, periodontal disease (gum), or bad habits such as nail-biting.

2. Certain implant and braces treatments at Dental Implants Abroad will carry different guarantees, discussed in your treatment plan letter.

4. Your treating physician is in charge of your treatment plan, warranty, and duty of care.

About refunds:

1. It’s understandable that you may need to cancel or reschedule your therapy and appointments. If you wish to obtain a refund of your deposit/the amount paid, you are entitled to one if:

• You've given us a 24–48-hour notice requirement.

• You have not begun the treatment. I.e., a follow-up from a previous visit

• There is no charge for your examination.

2. All refund applications must be submitted in writing for approval. To cancel, don't hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with a "Refund Request form" to fill out.

3. It may take up to 7 business days for the accounting team to process your written request for a refund. A senior member of staff will call you to handle the refund over the phone.

Feedback and complaints:

1. Dental Implants Abroad values all feedback, whether it is negative or positive. Feedback is used to assess and improve the quality of the service provided. You can give comments about everything from your dental visits to the parking lot via email, on the practice's website, or in person. 2. If you have a complaint, please notify us as soon as possible or email us about your concerns. You will be scheduled for an appointment.

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